In all the ancient religious texts, the universe originates from sound. According to the Vedas it is “Vac”, the sacred syllable, the word that gives form; in the Bible we speak of the Word; in classical antiquity they called this sound Logos. All creation is Symphony of notes, octaves, harmonic frequencies. The sound of the language of Light or the music of the spheres has given rise to all of creation.

Among all musical instruments the human voice is the most powerful instrument since it transmits the spiritual resonance of the singer and is connected to the heart. Every sound produced by the voice transmits all the frequencies of a persons body, his emotions, his thoughts, the cosmos and the inter-galactic vibrations of the stellar soul to get ones spiritual highest Divine Being. By adding to the human voice an intent of love, healing, or any other intent of light that the thought of the heart can produce, one obtains the most powerful instrument of existing for energetic-vibrational healing.
Another fundamental aspect of sound is the link with geometry. The sound emanates an invisible force capable of molding matter. Each vibratory wave produced by sound creates a geometric form of light in space. As the science of cymatics has shown and continues to demonstrate, in the apparently empty space that surrounds us there are in reality infinite invisible geometries of light that are continually produced by vibrational waves of various frequencies (sounds). The higher the frequency that is generated, the more the complex is the geometric vibrational shape that is produced. An entire symphony of notes, that is a set of frequencies that vibrate on more octaves, give birth to an extremely complex geometric shape.

Hugh G. Flynn in 1988 succeeded in demonstrating the phenomenon of “sonoluminescence”, through which it was possible to observe that the sounds turn on the light in the air, that is, they interact with the electromagnetic waves present in the environment, causing the appearance of luminous forms. For some years we have seen how the structure of our cells and our DNA react to the sound. The Japanese researcher Susumu Ohno has succeeded in producing DNA music and other Russian scientific researchers and linguists (Pjotr Garjajev and colleagues) have shown that DNA reacts to speech, sound and thought, or it can be activated, through these tools, where 90% of genes are considered by traditional science as “trash”.
Our DNA receives and sends information from outer space, as the chakras do, through the waves that it captures. The greater our level of awareness is, the higher our spiritual frequency, the wider the information and the data (frequencies) that our DNA can download from the universe, where we can connect with higher spiritual worlds and receive telepathic information from other dimensions of space-time.
At the beginning of the 17th century, Friedrich Chladni, a German physicist and musician, tried to make a violin bow vibrate on a thin sheet of metal sprinkled with sand: moving the arch, the sand separated, forming different geometric shapes. (Look at this video that shows the magic of cymatics through modern tools) Therefore, thanks to the cymatics it was possible to demonstrate that the sound vibrations – waves – emitted on materials such as water, oil, graphite and iron produce symmetrical geometric shapes such as spheres, stars and spirals that draw true mandalas. Through further experimentation it was discovered that by emitting sounds of the syllables of ancient sacred languages such as Sanskrit and Hebrew, the geometrical forms that appeared were the alphabetical symbols.

All the scientific studies and experiments conducted on the theme ‘sound’, demonstrate the validity of the intuitions of the ancient esoteric masters and researchers, whose ancient civilizations have built their awareness and spiritual practices on. Pythagoras, for example, called “crystallized music” geometry.