The Language of Light is the Celestial Language of Creation.It is the mother language and the Divine Mother Language. Within the language of light reside the Sacred Word and the Sacred Sonic Syllables for the creation of the material universe. In fact, as we know, the word creates…

The Language of Light is a set of syllables, sounds, vowels and words that do not have a logical-rational meaning. Its sonic expressions does not speak to the mind through a logic thinking, but they speak to the soul. It is a language that transfers vibrations with a precise geometric harmony (light codes) determined by the singers soul’s frequencies. The higher the hierarchy of Light to which the soul belongs, the higher the frequencies carried through the language of Light. The chords, melodies, syllables and sounds produced with the Language of Light make up an ever-changing melody because they act in the flow of the present, through intuition and direct connection with the Divine Presence, in resonance with the level of consciousness of the soul or a group of souls.

Through the Language of Light the human energy network of the Light Body is reconstructed because it is able to reactivate the connections between body, soul, mind and spirit through the sonic-vibrational infusion of the DNA. The Language of Light is able to reactivate the memory of the Unit. The vibrations produced by the Language of Light are like many switches that by turning on, in the human energy field, reconnect the upper and lower energy’s of the subtle bodies. In this way, unity between body, mind and spirit is re-established. To understand why this tool is so important for the activation of the Light Body it is necessary to mention the process of Creation.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are involved in a new Light Creation. Once the Will of the Divine Masculine (Holy Father) is manifested, the Divine Feminine (Divine Mother) gives form to the Will by creating with Light a geometric hologram which represent the matrix. From the Celestial Kingdoms where this process happens, the matrix (geometric hologram) is send into lower dimensions where is subjected to what my spiritual guides call Light Densification Process, which involve sound. It is through sound that the Celestial Light is progressively covered by layers of Light and energy that initially is very subtle and as it descends into the lower dimensions it become more dense. Sounds added to the geometric hologram originate from many luminous spiritual and cosmic beings that are placed hierarchically in different dimensions and levels, according to the Divine Order and Divine Plan.

The process of Creation takes place thanks to the Beings of the Celestial Orchestra of Co-Creator who contribute with their sound to the “process of densification of Light”. Each of these Divine Beings delivers to the Light matrix produced by the Divine Feminine Principle, a set of unique frequencies, which my spiritual guides have called frequencial algorithm: subtle vibrations added to the light, a matrix that creates an unrepeatable geometric harmony. If we could decompose through the clairvoyant vision a frequencial algorithm produced through the Language of Light, we would see complex harmonic geometries, of various colors and shades that take shape and change through the modulation of sound.

Some of the Planet Earth’s co-creator Light Beings are now living on the earthly dimension. Among them, those who awaken the purity of their heart to their Divine Presence are able to reproduce (by chanting and speaking in the Language of Light) the frequencial algorithm through which they contributed to the Creation of Planet Earth’s original matrix. Each one of them is part of the Divine Plan and is called to help Mother Earth’s frequency changing, by sharing their quantum sounds to restore the original frequencial matrix.

Some of these co-creator beings have a celestial nature and are the direct descendants of the Supreme Creator. I am one of them and I participated in the holographic creation of Mother Earth’s spiritual matrix. Others are members of the Family of Light, originally created by Christ and Sophia, the Children of Light have been created to maintain harmony in the material Universe and to maintain and protect the Earthly Paradise.

The Children of the Light have the task of transferring to Mother Earth and to all those souls connected to them, the frequencial algorithms of the original creation, able to transmute the DNA. This is the reason why the Language of Light is so important.

This knowledge was brought and put into practice for the first time on Earth during the first cycle of Atlantis.