From the macrocosm to the microcosm, everything that exists is identifiable through a frequency. Human beings can be compared to a musical instrument. To each organ, energy center and subtle bodies corresponds a frequency (sound) that must be “tuned” to live in harmony with the Mother Earth.
When the flow of “prana” or vital energy is blocked by fears, negative emotions, patterns, mental orders, memories of pain (of this life or previous lives) etc, the human being emits discordant frequencies. When the energy is stuck for a long time and not transformed, it can become crystallized and cause the body disease or illness. Moreover, the discordant frequencies are poured on the environment, negatively impacting on other people’s energy field, on the environment we live in and ultimately affecting Planet Earth’s energy field.
To restore harmony in the human energy field, we need to re-calibrate the frequencies. There are many ways to do that, but it depends on the result that you want to reach. It is always a good start to get in touch with Mother Earth. The human being, in a state of harmony, vibrates at a frequency of 8 hertz, the same frequency of Mother Earth. Based on the principle of “sympathetic resonance”, when we introduce frequencies harmonically “tuned” into a human energy field, the energy reproduces those vibrations. The DNA recognizes harmonic frequencies and simply reproduces it. Hiking in a wonderful forest is an amazing action to take to recharge the energy. Spending time in touch with trees can help since they are natural healers of human energy. Trees are able to purify our energy from negative and low vibrations.
For a deeper work on energy transmutation to destroy energy blocks, low vibrations, dark energies or entities and all the negative kind of energies, etc., sound is necessary. Sound of the human voice is one of the most powerful tools to harmonize the human energy and to awaken the DNA. Like a laser of light, the sound of the human voice can be directed on the human energetic body and work to heal the energy centers where generally, blockages are located. Sound is multidimensional, as the human soul can travel across dimensions it can be used by the healer to destroy the energy that has remained stuck into the soul bodies from previous past life experiences. The human voice is a channel for the Light of oneself. It creates a bridge between body and mind which are infused with the soul’s vibrations through the voice.
The human voice sound is an energetic nourishment for Mother Earth to restore her pure crystalline vibration. Gaia sings wonderful music made of notes recorded into the DNA that once we where able to recognize. Ancient civilizations, such as Atlantis recognized the central role of Mother Earth in the Divine Plan to live fully the mission of the soul on an earthly dimension. The Golden age of Atlantis was a civilization where geometry and sound were used to communicate with Gaia, to help her nourish all the living creatures through cosmic and intergalactic energies. Human voice was used by the priestesses to harmonize Gaia’s energy field through healing concerts where populations were involved. The human chanting opens the way to the cosmic and spiritual world. Indeed, through chanting the human voice is able to transfer specific cosmic and spiritual energies contained into the light soul which is designed on specific geometries of light.
The human soul is a vehicle which contains specific light geometries able to open to cosmic consciousness. For centuries we considered Planet Earth as our only living environment. This is not the reality and now that cosmic consciousness is calling Humanity to a new evolutionary step that we need to remember. Our environment is not limited to Planet Earth. Every creature that lives on Earth is influenced by the energy of our solar system, galaxies, stars of the Milky Way and beyond. Within each human being (thanks to the presence of the soul) multiple cosmic energies can flow synergistically for the complete activation of the Body of Light (physical, energetic and spiritual body) and to nourish Gaia with cosmic frequencies necessary to sustain life of so many creatures. This interplanetary and intergalactic communication is possible thanks to the souls technology. Within the soul there are geometries of light that act as a resonance mirror and call upon, in the human heart (which is the “house” of the soul), the corresponding cosmic or spiritual energies. Ancient souls and star-seeds… Gaia is calling you!