Sophia Irene Mapai is an Emissary of the Divine Plan. For over ten years she has been in contact and guided by the Forces of the Light for the fulfillment of her spiritual mission involving Mother Earth’s frequency revolution.

Spiritual healer, pure channel of Divine Love, artist… Extremely sensitive to the invisible dimensions, during her youth she lived many mystical experiences in contact with the Light, from which she has always felt the call. Her journey of awakening goes hand in hand with her professional career in the field of creativity and communication. During the years of her artistic research spent at university, her experiences in contact with the Light intensified.

During her first meditation along the path of her study (2004) she comes into contact with her first spiritual guide and since then she has been guided to recover the memories of numerous previous lives, including her life in Atlantis (first cycle), thanks to which she awakens the gift of spiritual healing hidden in her voice. She channel Christ messages since 2005 and is in contact with several groups of collective consciousness, particularly the population of the Hollow Earth. They prepare her to remember her spiritual mission that begins with the Origin of Light in the universe (when the Divine Plan began) and involves the evolution of Mother Earth through her liberation from dark forces. Sophia Irene Mapai’ spirit participated in the creation of the material universe. She is the bearer of the codes of Light that descend from a superior universe of only Light and that belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven, the Universe of the Five Galaxies of which Sophia Irene Mapai speaks about in her first book, The Gnosis of Divine Love (that will be soon available in English language).

For many years she was involved in the spiritual healing and the awakening of the Children of Light. In 2012 she abandoned her profession to devote herself completely to the divine service. During several years of spiritual research she rediscovers all the healing power hidden in the sound of the voice and in her singing in the Language of Light (that she called the Chanting of the first Atlantis)
In 2012 a new phase of her spiritual mission began. She is communicated by Christ that she is ready to act on behalf of Mother Earth in a mission that will determine the awakening of her consciousness. On 12-12-12 she goes to the waters of Atlantis, Bimini – Bahamas for the activation of the Fire Ruby Crystal located under the Bimini Bank. She settles in Miami where she lives for years. In 2012 in Miami, as she narrates in her book: “… the Heavenly Father began to prepare me to face that part of my mission which involved healing and awakening the consciousness of Mother Earth.

She continues through 2017 on her sacred pilgrimage towards the energetic and spiritual healing of Mother Earth. She repeatedly travels along the Dragon Layline to many sacred places energetically attacked by dark forces, including: Bimini – Bahamas; Avalon and the Somerset Valley, Glastonbury-UK; Florence and Province; Cliff of Moher, Ireland; Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee, Israel; Jericho in Palestine; the Valley of the Kings and the Dead Sea, Jordan; Norway, Lofoten isles.
Since 2018 she has devoted herself to writing her first book The Gnosis of Divine Love, a work willed and guided by the Heavenly Father that offers truth seekers new revelations about the aeon Sophia. The Truth of The Origin that she shares in the book challenges many beliefs upon which democracy, religions and modern spirituality are founded on. Reconfiguring metaphysically and spiritually the deeper meaning of Mother Earth’s vibrational leap into the Fifth Dimension.


  • Multimedia designer, graphic designer, art director: she has been involved in visual communication for 15 years.
  • Sensory designer – In 2001 she won a scholarship at the University of Image – The Fabrizio Ferri school – Milan.
  • In 2006 she opened her creative design studio in Milan, Omfactory.
  • She studies intuitive astrology and birth chart reading.
  • She studies and practices Tantra Sakthas.
  • She studies harmonic singing.
  • In 2009 she opened her first blog and started to produce the Divine Love Mandalas
  • In 2012 she moves to Miami where she deepens her research about the energetic movement that develops through dance. She meets and practices for years the 5rhythms Dance, Prayerdanse and Journey Dance.
  • She practiced yoga for over ten years before becoming a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher in 2015.
  • In 2018 she published her new website
  • In 2021 she published her first book “The Gnosis of Divine Love. Revelations of the mysteries of Sophia”.
gnosi Cristo Sophia