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4:08 pm4:08 pm

Light and Codes

Sound and geometry are mirrors (in different dimensions) of the Divine Light. The waves of light emanated by the sun’s rays, by the star light or by the soul light, are made up of geometries [...]

5:20 pm5:20 pm

Soul, geometry and sound

From the macrocosm to the microcosm, everything that exists is identifiable through a frequency. Human beings can be compared to a musical instrument. To each organ, energy center and subtle bodies corresponds a frequency (sound) [...]

6:53 pm6:53 pm

Healings in Atlantis

Thanks to my Spiritual Guides, to their support and love, I had the chance to remember many past lives that I have lived on Planet Earth. With the help of my guides I was able [...]

6:42 pm6:42 pm

The Language of Light

The Language of Light is the Celestial Language of Creation.It is the mother language and the Divine Mother Language. Within the language of light reside the Sacred Word and the Sacred Sonic Syllables for the [...]

10:54 am10:54 am

Hollow Earth

My Divine Self is deeply connected to Mother Earth’s energy. As a Being of Light, I participated in the co-creation of Planet Earth. I’ve been prepared to remember the Golden Age and many other ancient [...]

9:49 pm9:49 pm

Universe is sound

In all the ancient religious texts, the universe originates from sound. According to the Vedas it is “Vac”, the sacred syllable, the word that gives form; in the Bible we speak of the Word; [...]

4:09 pm4:09 pm

Mandala and Yantra

A Mandala is an “image” that symbolizes a sacred space, in which are rapresented Cosmic Forces, Gods, Goddesses that gave birth to All That Is. In the Hindu and Buddhist culture mandalas are used as tools of [...]

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