Project Description

Ali di compassione - Divine Love Mandalas

“Great wings open upon you when you allow yourself to be captivated by compassion. The smile of a child, the beauty of a flower, the light of a sunset, the slow stride of an elder… they are beings, parallel worlds, moments united in your present to beckon your heart to an awakening through compassion. The ego subsides before compassion. The only desire that emerges is to give… your hand, your gaze, a smile… Giving is the sacred medicine of compassion. To give is to love. To give unconditionally is Divine Love. Observe, understand the ways of your giving, and you will discover how much love and control there is in you! This code of love brings you into contact with your heart – a fountain of love, truth, and compassion – and invites you to practice a new way of giving, more authentic and unconditional. Start over with yourself: give yourself your own fullness. Be compassionate with yourself, give love to yourself without conditions, without restrictions, and you will have compassion also for your neighbor. Let go of the shame of love, let go of control. Return to walk in humility. The truth is an endless bridge that breaks the illusions and leads to the Divine. Is it the bridge on which the energy of love travels. Your heart is the door that opens the way to that bridge. To walk across that bridge of Truth means having found the true virtue of compassion which simply and humbly allows us to express unconditional love and give without conditions, without asking in return.To open yourself to unconditional love means practicing your faith in the Supreme Light of the Creator and his Infinitude, Power, and Goodness. Think of giving without asking what you’ll get in return! Because the divine intelligence that pervades everything will miraculously know how to repay you the energy of love that you have given through the purity of your heart.”