Project Description

Voce del cuore - Divine Love Mandalas

There was a time when the glory of Planet Earth expanded into the cosmos of stars into our galaxy and beyond to spread its song in other universes. The sound was known as the vehicle for the Divine Light. The sound of the human voice is the most powerful of musical instruments, as it is the expression of Light of the soul. Your voice is a channel of Truth and Healing. There are fine golden threads that connect your heart with the throat. When these threads of light are re-activated, they become as the strings of your soul-instrument that through your voice plays the enlightened heart symphony.
The voice of the heart is unique and cannot be cloned. Your sacred sound is the synthesis of your Light, it contains unique geometries and colors. This code of light comes into your life to open up to the consciousness of sound and to the creative power of the word. You can create a reality of light and love through the voice but you can create fear and pain as well. This code invites you to observe and change the way you use your voice by accepting a new level of consciousness, the sound of the heart. Your heart is speaking to you. It is a center of luminous intelligence capable of communicating with your conscious mind through vibrations, feelings, words, messages that you can decode and transform into healing sounds.