Project Description

Divine Love Mandalas

“In every particle of Light that comes from the Sun, in every spark that it spreads, exists the same force. Every particle contains the pure Christic intelligence that is Divine Love energy, capable of opening dialogue with every living creature. “My task,” says the Light “is to spread from the Supreme Intelligence of the Creator, along the Tree of Life, to reach you and flow into your channels, bringing you the Intelligence and Knowledge which is intended for you. I am realized through you. I Am the Christic Light and I carry all of the answers you’ve ever searched for. I carry the divine revelation that is intended for you, and you alone. It is my task to fill the cup of your heart with the Truth that your soul is waiting to manifest. I am the Christic Light and I am conscious of your every thought. You who have tread the length and breadth of the terrestrial experience, I speak to you, ancient soul. Now it is time to use your experiences to create a life of wisdom and youth in the Mastery achieved throughout your incarnations. The action of the wise old man creates abundance as his Will is aligned with the Will of the Supreme Creator. The action of the child creates love because his heart and his imagination communicate with Christ, and Sophia his Bride. Free your temple from all karmic discord so that you may become a wise divine child.” This code of love guides you to the manifestation of the potentials of your Light and of the project of Light that you have come to manifest on Earth. By the Light of Christ you are called to change. Your Spiritual Self seeks to spread the Christic Light through your Temple. Your choices must be re-aligned with the superior intelligence of the Light that wishes to guide you. Allow the Christic Light from the Sun to flow in your channels and the Holy Fire to burn, with its purity, all your fears away.”