Project Description


This code of love invites you to begin your spiritual journey in a forgotten direction, one that descends towards the center of the Earth. Rooting is the way of the Feminine Divine. It is the way of the humble descent of energy into matter of the earthly body. The human being is a guest on Planet Earth. Originally, it was aware of its role as “guardian” of the unique and unrepeatable beauty of earthly nature. This code of love invokes in you the ancient esoteric knowledge that has been forgotten since the time of Atlantis and sees Mother Earth as an energetic-frequencial guide for Humanity and all the populations it hosts. Humanity is called to remember the way of the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine. Rooting is the way in which your Spiritual Self descends into matter, through your body, until it reaches the core of Mother Earth, to which it delivers the cosmic-spiritual energies that you carry, the energy signature of the spiritual family to which you belong. This code of love reminds you that you have chosen to be incarnated in order to experience and learn about frequencial life on Planet Earth. And it reminds you that aligning yourself with its living rhythm and frequencies is your first task on the path of unconditional love that you are here to realize. The way of the Feminine Divine reminds you that you must open a dialogue with Mother Earth to regain awareness of your roots.In this way you can bring balance to all of your subtle bodies, ease your mind, and rediscover the natural harmonic frequency of peace that every human body emanates when it is in connection with Nature. Mother Earth calls and invites you: “Walk with me.”