Project Description

multidimensional vision

There are many dimensions where you exist simultaneously through the 7 bodies of your multi-dimensional soul. A casket of immense value has been given to you. It contains divine potentialities that you can recall. Multiple parts of you are sending information to your sacred mind that you can decode through the eye of the soul. You came to the Earthly dimension from another planet, star, galaxy. The stellar frequency that you embody is necessary to support Planet Earth’s frequency shifting. Your spiritual family calls you upon awakening and your spiritual guide is ready to help you healing past lives wounds, which created energetic blocks into your energy field. It is time to go over any fear or doubts, take responsibility of who you are by starting to practice meditation and all those activities helping you to go within. Thus your soul will return to lead your life. Let all this happen! Open your heart to cosmic love and abandon your ego pushing to seek personal recognition in the material world. Turn within and search for your true essence.” You cosmic ancestry is living eternally within your golden blood.”