Project Description

Maestria della luce - Divine Love Mandalas

When the Divine Light experience of the Self become consistent, the eternal wisdom of the Divine Presence manifests itself and pervades the whole Being. The eternal struggle between Ego and Soul ceases in the fusion of the opposites that surrender to the eternal Light of the Self. The earthly experience can then reveal all the potentials hidden in the Divine Presence: the higher aspects of the Self take control on the physical body that begins to function as the temple of the Spirit. All the extra-sensory potentials that make human existence divine are manifested. The door to ascent to higher consciousness is open and light can flow constantly. The Masters of Light can finally communicate with the soul and guide it towards the mission of Light that has come to realize on Planet Earth. The riches and gifts of the Light are accessible when the doubt has vanished from the mind. Light up your crown and simply let the coming light destroy any doubt about your potential. This code of light brings the awareness of the way that lead toward the path within. Only through the inner experience of the Light that is conquered in activities like meditation it is possible to incarnate the Mastery. This code of light ask you to accelerate your energy transmutation. You are called to Serve the Divine Plan. Masters of Light are ready to accompany you towards the project of your mission for the energetic support of the Earth.”