Project Description

Giardino emozionale - Divine Love Mandalas

The Sacred Divine Feminine energy is moving constantly. “Love” is Her name. The sacred feminine energy is dancing inside Gaia’s heart, inside the starts, into the spark of Light of human beings’ hearts. The Sacred Divine Feminine energy creates and gives shapes to the Will of the Sacred Divine Masculine. The Divine Sophia is the Feminine Christ, the pure “image” of the Sacred Divine Feminine in which the human being is reflected. She dances within you through cosmic and stellar energies able to expand your multi-dimensional Self.
This diamond code guides you towards greater sensitivity and understanding of your deep emotional world and helps you understand how you can use it to access new inner awareness.
Every emotion is like a little vortex that opens up inside you, a vortex that opens up or down, depends on the kind of emotion you produce. Whatever it is, don’t deny it. Gather it and dance in the flow of life, let it go away to move forward to the next one.
Emotions are energetic openings of your inner subtle bodies, stimulated by vibrations and spiritual frequencies of Divine Love and Light.
This code invites you to take care of your emotional garden.
Give yourself permission to express your emotions. Give yourself permission to feel deeply what your soul or your guides and angels want to communicate to you. Emotions are the foundations of the language of love. They are the tools through which you can access the subtle information that your soul is sending you.
This code of love also reminds you that the soul is in close connection with your physical body. It is an extension of it. Bringing pleasure to your body brings pleasure to your soul. Dance! Sing! Experience the pleasure of letting yourself go to the flow of creation.
Open yourself to the freedom to move your arms in every direction, so that they become the branches of a tree moved by the wind. Move sinuously and let your hips be those of a mermaid swimming in the ocean.
Open the inner places of your garden by moving the energy of your body and thus dropping all the old fruits.
Let yourself go to the flow of your “emotional music”, knowing that you are the composer: if you do not like the symphony you can always change it!
Choose to bring in your garden the music that you like.