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Bellezza divina - Divine Love Mandalas
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“Earthly Beauty is the expression of Divine harmony. This code invites you to observe the beauty of earthly nature through contemplation. The exercise of contemplation requires silence, solitude, and calm. In contemplation we observe with the eyes of the soul and receive information through our intuition. In contemplating beauty we are transported to a dimension that is expanded, subtle, ecstatic, mystical; a dimension from which we can observe the miracle of the energy of love and its material manifestation. Sacred geometric shapes like mandalas and spirals unite with the colors of flowers and plants. The form of each plant, tree, and flower expresses harmonic frequencies and unique geometric shapes, unrepeatable frequencies, which together compose the symphony of frequencies on Planet Earth. To know and study the vibration of the elements and creatures of Nature leads you to observe that which pushed you in the beginning to welcome the Earth’s calling: the study of life and its expressions in the lower dimensions, in matter. Beauty is geometry and color. With the moment of its contemplation, great illumination can be born. This code of love invites you to contemplate Nature to observe how the energy of love expresses itself in matter. The bond between Mother Earth and her inhabitants is material, energetic and spiritual. In ancient times, in the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria the secrets of beauty and harmony were known, and they were utilized to create the Golden Age. This code invites you to connect spiritually with nature and with the multi-dimensional being Gaia, through contemplation. Return to the observation of beauty, return to contemplation of the microcosm of the woods and forests. Observe like a researcher the traces of the Divine contained in even the smallest being of Nature. Your soul invites you to embrace a voyage, which can restore your ability to listen to the voice of the Spirits of Nature through the development of your intuition.”