Sound and geometry are mirrors (in different dimensions) of the Divine Light. The waves of light emanated by the sun’s rays, by the star light or by the soul light, are made up of geometries in movement, visible through the third eye of a clairvoyant. Often defined as codes of light, those luminous geometries have the task to transmute human consciousness by opening the ancient seals of the DNA, to bring back the soul in alignment with the Divine Plan and with the Supreme Will. Codes of light can be compared to a “divine software” able to re-program and awaken the human soul.
Planet Earth’s frequency shifting brought large quantities of codes of light into the earthly dimensions to reach different goals: opening to cosmic consciousness; restore the divine feminine energy; introduce spiritual truths distorted by Human history; to awaken the spiritual heart; to open the energy centers; to recall Atlantis and Lemuria’s ancient memories; etc. Indeed, the goal of Planet Earth’s frequency shifting is not only to bring back Gaia to Her shining starlight, but also to help Humanity go back to live the earthly life as a spiritual experience in the flesh.
Since the last fall of Atlantis, the spiritual life on Earth has been gradually mystified. The divine human soul has fallen into a dark trap called power, ego, possession, success, ambition. Human beings have slowly stopped seeking acknowledgement and guidance in the Spirit to turn to the material aspects of life. Codes of light are divine tools sent down to bring the Spirit back to guide the choices of human beings.
In the human history codes of light have always been brought to Earth by Light Beings, Masters, Divinities defined codes bearers. I am one of them: I bear on Earth the light codes created during the process of the Universal Creation (which took place after the Big Bang and that in Gnosticism is defined as the reharmonization process of the material Universe by the Light of Christ and the Love of Sophia) because I was part of the light beings orchestra who contributed (with their unique sound) to the holographic creation of Planet Earth.
The Language of Light is the tool through which light codes can do their work into human soul. The light codes that I bear on Earth are mainly destined to ancient souls (Children of the Light) and they are focused on human’s heart reconnection with Mother Earth; awakening of the Golden Age memories; restoration of the denied Truth of the feminine part of Christ, the Divine Sophia.
I share light codes through the Divine Love Mandalas ® and through my voice, as I am able to speak and chant the Language of Light.