My Divine Self is deeply connected to Mother Earth’s energy. As a Being of Light, I participated in the co-creation of Planet Earth. I’ve been prepared to remember the Golden Age and many other ancient past lives where sacred knowledge was spread and shared among the civilization. Traveling into the parallel dimensions with my soul’s bodie, I discovered how life on Planet Earth express itself through the fifth and seventh dimension of frequency. Below the Earth’s rind, there is another Earth (commonly called Hollow Earth) co-created a long time ago by Lemurian and Atlantean civilization, along the subtle bodies of Gaia’s body of light.

The Hollow Earth is a set of environments that exist at a higher frequency where many species of evolved beings live.

During meditation, while I travel down to Gaia’s core of energy, I can pass by several inner bodies that are visible to my third eye as if they were large concentric disks of light aligned with the central axis. The more I get closed to the core, the more the disks become smaller while the frequency increases.

The two civilizations that I’ve known the most are Atlanteans and Lemurians. They guided me into their cities of light where crystalline frequencies of pure love reigns. They helped me remember my spiritual relationship with Mother Earth.

For 5 (2010-2015) years I’ve done energetic work and past-lives sessions awakening individual to help many ancient souls in remembering Atlantis. During many sessions, I had the opportunity to travel into the Hollow Earth and meet many other beings of light and civilizations which are the cosmic brothers and sisters of light of the ancient souls I was helping. What they want is to re-connect with those souls who are called to help Gaia, becoming a pure channel for their messages of divine love and peace. I was helping ancient souls re-connect deeply with Mother Earth’s heart and with their cosmic and stellar family as star-seeds. Often, the healing process involved Syrians, Pleaidians, Arcturians and many of other beings of light that belong to the Galactic Confederation of Light.

The Hollow Earth that I’ve had the fortune to be guided in, is composed by many environments existing in parallel dimensions that I call “the rooms of healing”. There are numerous caves of Masters Crystals Keepers of the Earth that I’ve envisioned with my third eye. These caves are sacred places that were accessible during the Golden Age of Atlantis. Rocky caves made of rooms and environments which contain giant rose quartz, amethyst and hyaline. The light generated by those giant Masters Crystals represent a powerful high frequency healing energy for the soul of the individuals that I’ve guided there.

Among all the healing rooms I visited, there is one which I call “Masters Dolphins ‘s pool”, extremely important for the purification of the soul, A large rocky cave, extremely large, with many pools placed on various floor levels. Each tank is filled with light water. Some tanks contain crystals that give the light water a specific healing frequency. Other pools are connected with the ocean by channels through which the Masters Dolphins come and participate in the spiritual healing of individuals. This environment represents a great opportunity of purification for the soul. The frequency of that light water is able to cut energetic karmic cords and remove Atlanteans implants. Masters Dolphins makes healing a moment of joy and lead the soul to re-connect with the inner child.