Thanks to my Spiritual Guides, to their support and love, I had the chance to remember many past lives that I have lived on Planet Earth. With the help of my guides I was able to travel my soul’s multidimensional past lives to unfold its gifts.  

For a long time I’ve been working on my ancient memories of the Golden Age of Atlantis, during the first cycle of the civilization where I was a High Priestess, a Master Frequency Healer. This is a short summary which introduces some of the information I gathered in connection to healing through sounds and crystals. 

At that time the healing power of the human voice was well renowned. 

The first cycle of Atlantis was founded by an evolved group of beings of light, belonging to the Cosmic Brotherhood of Light, coming to Planet Earth from different galaxies and planets such as Pleiades, Sirio, Andromeda, Antares and many others. Their purpose, according to the Divine Plan and The Law of One, was to create a civilization able to sustain and protect the Planet Earth and Her living creatures.

The Family of Light (what we call today ancient souls or star-seeds) was a small group of beings, priests and priestesses keepers of Mother Earth’s energy and spiritual Laws. The members of the Family of Light, the Children of the Light, were channels of specific cosmic energies that sustained the life of all the living creatures indispensable for Mother Earth to be able to keep the perfect alignment with the Divine Will. Ceremonies were held in which their voices, channels of the energies of the soul, merged into a chorus able to energetically nourish Mother Earth and recalibrate her frequencies on the notes of divine harmony. Once the Planet Earth harmonic frequency was re-established, through sound, human beings energy was re-aligned to the new Mother Earth balance. Human beings sonic-tonal recalibration took place mainly in the crystal caves in which they were able to arrive through underground tunnels. Many caves had been carved out of the rock “healing beds” and studded with crystals for the propose of the human energy recalibration. 

Giant Master Crystals (present in many caves) keepers of Mother Earth’s consciousness, drove Planet Earth sonic-tonal recalibration ceremonies. They communicated with beings (different from the Children of the Light) coming from the spiritual dimensions and emissaries of the Divine Plan, to which they transferred updates in regards to the Divine Plan. These pure spiritual beings, mainly expression of a Divine Feminine Nature, where the spiritual guides of the first civilization of Atlantis.  

Also inside the caves, in other rooms there were some pools containing a special water, which my spiritual guides call Water of Light. Other pools were connected to the sea levels through water channels allowing dolphins to enter in the caves and take part in the healing ceremonies. These pools were reserved for human beings who presented diseases or imbalances in the physical body.

The first cycle of Atlantis has been the Origin of human life on Earth. It has been the true Golden Age where for thousands of years the collaboration among spiritual beings, Children of the Light, human beings and living creatures were able to create Heaven on Earth.