Galleria dei mandalamandala

La galleria presenta i nove mandala contenuti ne La Pratica dell’Amore Divino. L’intera collezione dei Divine Love Mandalas comprende altri mandala che saranno prossimamente pubblicati. Per conoscere i dettagli di ogni singolo disegno e leggere l’intera descrizione clicca sulle immagini. Se sei interessato a installare uno dei Divine Love Mandalas nel tuo spazio sacro scrivi a: oppure visita questa pagina dove trovi le altre indicazioni necessarie a procedere con la tua richiesta.



"This code of love invites you to begin your spiritual journey in a forgotten direction, one that descends towards the center of the Earth. Rooting is the way of the Feminine Divine. It is the way of the humble descent of energy into matter of the earthly body. The human being is a guest on Planet [...]


Divine Beauty

Shop now "Earthly Beauty is the expression of Divine harmony. This code invites you to observe the beauty of earthly nature through contemplation. The exercise of contemplation requires silence, solitude, and calm. In contemplation we observe with the eyes of the soul and receive information through our intuition. In contemplating beauty we are transported to a [...]


Wing of compassion

"Great wings open upon you when you allow yourself to be captivated by compassion. The smile of a child, the beauty of a flower, the light of a sunset, the slow stride of an elder... they are beings, parallel worlds, moments united in your present to beckon your heart to an awakening through compassion. The ego subsides [...]


Solar alchemy

"In every particle of Light that comes from the Sun, in every spark that it spreads, exists the same force. Every particle contains the pure Christic intelligence that is Divine Love energy, capable of opening dialogue with every living creature. "My task," says the Light "is to spread from the Supreme Intelligence of the Creator, along the [...]


Emotional garden

"The Sacred Divine Feminine energy is moving constantly. "Love" is Her name. The sacred feminine energy is dancing inside Gaia's heart, inside the starts, into the spark of Light of human beings' hearts. The Sacred Divine Feminine energy creates and gives shapes to the Will of the Sacred Divine Masculine. The Divine Sophia is the Feminine [...]


Voice of the soul

"There was a time when the glory of Planet Earth expanded into the cosmos of stars into our galaxy and beyond to spread its song in other universes. The sound was known as the vehicle for the Divine Light. The sound of the human voice is the most powerful of musical instruments, as it is the expression [...]


Multidimensional vision

"There are many dimensions where you exist simultaneously through the 7 bodies of your multi-dimensional soul. A casket of immense value has been given to you. It contains divine potentialities that you can recall. Multiple parts of you are sending information to your sacred mind that you can decode through the eye of the soul. You came [...]


Light mastery

"When the Divine Light experience of the Self become consistent, the eternal wisdom of the Divine Presence manifests itself and pervades the whole Being. The eternal struggle between Ego and Soul ceases in the fusion of the opposites that surrender to the eternal Light of the Self. The earthly experience can then reveal all the potentials hidden [...]


Crystalline consciousness

"Beloved Children of the Light, the New Earth calls on you to return to the essence of who you are: a channel of the divine energies of Heaven on Earth. The purity of the Origin will return to radiate from within, from the heart, every creature of Light who has chosen to return to the Father's [...]